Certified Pre-Owned TA01i Tonometers

Get "The Original" Icare tonometer on sale while supplies last

Icare is offering a deep discounts on a limited supply of "The Original" TA01i Tonometer. Each unit is inspected by Icare to ensure that only the highest quality TA01i's are available for resale.

Each TA01i sold:

  • Includes a 6-month manufacturer warranty.
  • Is certified pre-owned by manufacturer.


What does certified pre-owned mean?

  • The unit is completely disassembled, cleaned and inspected. Firmware is updated.
  • Each individual component is tested and verified to confirm it meets manufacturer specifications.
  • After reassembly, the complete unit is run through another series of tests to ensure it meets all manufacturer specifications.
  • Consumable items are replaced and the unit is repackaged for sale.

"The Original" TA01i


Supplies will go quickly, request pricing today.